Important Information - Eligible Disciplines

Table-1: Eligible Disciplines and their Codes

Code Discipline (to be selected in online application form) Subject in the Qualifying Degree as awarded by the
University / Institute of the Candidate
GATE Paper (for screening through GATE channel)
ME Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering
CH Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering
MT Metallurgical Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Metallurgical Engineering
EE Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering, or Electrical & Electronics Engineering*

Electrical Engineering
EC Electronics Engineering

Electronics Engineering, or Electronics and Communication, or Electronics and Control, orElectrical and Electronics Engineering*, or Electronics and Instrumentation #

Electronics and Communication Engineering
CS Computer Science Computer Science Computer Science and Information Technology
IN Instrumentation Engineering

Instrumentation Engineering, or Electronics and Instrumentation #

Instrumentation Engineering
CE Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Civil Engineering